Building Strategic Agility Series

A New Business Paradigm Requires an Integrated Approach to Strategic Agility

The Building Strategic Agility Series comprises of nine courses designed to help leaders understand complexity and synchronize the speed at which markets, organizations and people change and evolve.

Objectives of the Nine-Course Series:

Course Organization

Each course can be completed separately or in combination with some of the other courses for increased impact.

Participants who complete the nine-course series would be eligible for a Duke CE certificate*

Each course includes:

  • A 5-6 min Content video
  • Exercises to be completed offline by participants
  • Online correction of the exercises
  • Short Assessment

Required Time per Course : 60-80 minutes
Total Time for the 9-Course Series: 9-12 hours for the BSA Series

List of Faculty


Rita McGrath
Professor, Columbia Business School

Hari Nair
Senior Advisor, New Markets Advisors Harvard Fellow

Venkat Venkatraman
Professor, Boston University


Scott Gamester
VP, Data Science

Kathy Pearson
President, Enterprise Learning Solutions

Joe Perfetti
Innovation Fellow, Duke CE
Lecturer, University of Maryland


Scott Koerwer
VP and Vice Dean of Graduate Education, Geisinger

The Learning Community Unique Advantages

  • A company-dedicated learning environment for the course
  • Access to a Forum to share ideas with course participants
  • Curated content to supplement the course, including:
    • Course one-page summary
    • Relevant additional videos, articles

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*Duke CE partnered with Joe Perfetti to design this course. Learning Communities is authorized to commercialize it on its website. The course description on the DUKE CE website can found here.