Building Strategic Agility
Faster, Smarter Decisions

A New Business Paradigm Requires an Integrated Approach to Strategic Agility

A key component of making your organization more strategically agile is the ability to make faster, smarter decisions. In this fast-paced world where speed counts, we need to learn to rebalance risk and speed. Waiting for complete information before making a decision is now a thing of the past.

Both organizations and their individual leaders need to get comfortable with making decisions under greater uncertainty. This requires us to reorient ourselves from getting answers to creating options.

Course Description:

In this course, we will explore the ‘decision challenges’ facing organizations in the 21st century, as well as strategies for enabling the culture change and mindset shifts needed to make faster, smarter decisions.

Course Faculty: Kathy Pearson

Kathy Pearson, PhD, is a strategist, systems thinking expert and authority in decision making. She is president and founder of Enterprise Learning Solutions, a firm focused on executive development and learning across industries. Kathy is an Adjunct Senior Fellow at the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics and has served as adjunct Associate Professor in the Operations and Information Management Department at The Wharton School. Kathy taught operations management in the MBA and Executive Masters of Technology Management programs, as well as Probability and Statistics and Simulation Modeling.

She is involved with Wharton, Duke CE, and the Institute for Management Studies, teaching on topics like Complex Decision Making, Strategic Agility and and Strategic Execution. She’s worked with executives from across industries, including professional services, technology, consumer products and manufacturing.

Kathy received a B.S. in theoretical mathematics from Auburn, a Masters in Decision Sciences from Georgia State, and a PhD in industrial engineering from Northwestern University.

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Each course includes:

  • A 5-6 min Content video
  • Exercises to be completed offline by participants
  • Online correction of the exercises
  • Short Assessment

Required Time : 60-80 minutes

Each course can be completed separately or in combination with any other courses from the Building Strategic Agility Series. Participants who complete the nine courses would be eligible for a Duke CE certificate*

This course is part of a nine-course series that enable individuals to build strong strategic agility skills.

The Learning Community Unique Advantages

  • A company-dedicated learning environment for the course
  • Access to a Forum to share ideas with course participants
  • Curated content to supplement the course, including:
    • Course one-page summary
    • Relevant additional videos, articles

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*Duke CE partnered with Joe Perfetti to design this course. Learning Communities is authorized to commercialize it on its website. The course description on the DUKE CE website can found here.