Building Strategic Agility
The Agile Dashboard

A New Business Paradigm Requires an Integrated Approach to Strategic Agility

Revenue, earnings per share and margin are metrics we’ve all used for years, and they will continue to be important indicators of business performance. But, in this fast-paced world, we need to consider adding a few new things to our dashboards.

Course Description:

This course introduces new agile metrics organized around speed, interactivity, and pivot, which leaders need to monitor and manage to ensure their businesses stay ahead.

  • Speed: How fast are we moving?
  • Interactivity: How well does the organization scan the market to see the next wave and work with customers to not only solve existing problems but anticipate new needs and solutions?
  • Pivot: How well can an organization reposition and change direction, to seize and commercialize a new opportunity after a decision to do so is made?

Course Faculty: Joe Perfetti

Joe’s experience across industries and depth of knowledge in the areas of strategy and finance, coupled with his creative nature, position him well to redefine business metrics and create a new dashboard for the future. Joe’s cutting-edge work is helping businesses learn how to be more forward-looking and “pre-active” in the market.

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Each course includes:

  • A 5-6 min Content video
  • Exercises to be completed offline by participants
  • Online correction of the exercises
  • Short Assessment

Required Time : 60-80 minutes

Each course can be completed separately or in combination with any other courses from the Building Strategic Agility Series. Participants who complete the nine courses would be eligible for a Duke CE certificate*

This course is part of a nine-course series that enable individuals to build strong strategic agility skills.

The Learning Community Unique Advantages

  • A company-dedicated learning environment for the course
  • Access to a Forum to share ideas with course participants
  • Curated content to supplement the course, including:
    • Course one-page summary
    • Relevant additional videos, articles

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*Duke CE partnered with Joe Perfetti to design this course. Learning Communities is authorized to commercialize it on its website. The course description on the DUKE CE website can found here.