Agility Architects

In today’s volatile, fast-changing business world, leaders must learn to become agility architects.

The agility architects are thinkers whose work has shaped our understanding of the profound changes that produced our complex, multidimensional, swiftly moving environment. We’ve assembled the foundational works on agile thinking so you can take a deep dive into the research, insights and critiques necessary to understanding and modeling true agility.

Joe Perfetti

Finance Professor and Agility Expert
Univ of Maryland

Mr. Perfetti is an executive speaker, consultant and subject matter expert in corporate finance and strategy who has delivered over 2000 executive education teaching days over the past 25 years. Read more

Scott Koerwer

Professor and Vice Dean
Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine

Dr. Scott Koerwer is an entrepreneur in the higher education industry and business with more than twenty-five years of experience, three entrepreneurial startups, and numerous program development initiatives around the world.

Lauren Hirshon

High Performing Teams Coach
Harvard University

Lauren Hirshon is an organizational change and transformation consultant for businesses, governments, and nonprofits. Her areas of expertise include: organizational development, change management, group and team dynamics, and cross-organizational collaboration. She is the Director of Learning and Research for an applied research and leadership advancement program at Harvard.

Bob Parker

Chief Context Officer
The Pit Crew Challenge

I help organizations to build high performing cultures through consulting, writing, and experiential training. Topics that interest me are: Culture, Leadership Development, Agile Teams, Teaming, and Experiential Learning.

Jim Austin

JH Austin Associates, Inc.

Jim Austin, a former senior executive at Baxter Healthcare, combines business strategy and organizational development theory with extensive industry experience. Author of numerous articles, Jim co-authored the book, Leading Strategic Change in an Era of Healthcare Transformation.

Kathy Pearson

Enterprise Learning Solutions

Kathy Pearson, PhD is a strategist, Systems Thinking expert, and authority in decision making. She is President and Founder of ELS, a firm focused on executive development and learning across industries. Kathy is also a Senior Fellow at the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics for the University of Pennsylvania.

Rita McGrath

Author and Speaker
Columbia Business School

Rita Gunther McGrath is an American strategic management scholar and professor of management at the Columbia Business School. She is known for her work on strategy, innovation, and entrepreneurship, including the development of discovery-driven planning.

Renee Torchia

Cultural Anthropologist

Renee is a cultural anthropologist by training, and a change management consultant by background. She specializes in helping a company to bring its business model to life through its people, primarily its employees and customers. At Verisk, which was labeled as one of the most innovative companies by Forbes, she is the Vice President of Talent Strategy and Culture.