The Agile Dashboard

You can’t drive a car looking in the rear view mirror

The Agile Dashboard is a show delivered in partnership with Duke Corporate Education and host Joe Perfetti to interview senior leaders on the challenges of keeping up with the ever evolving Market System.

We’ve long believed that when the rate of change inside an institution becomes slower than the rate of change outside, the end is in sight.
The only question is when.”

– Jack Welch, GE 2000 Annual Report


Agile Dashboard Episode 5: Reimagining Banking with Mfundo Nkuhlu, Chief Operating Officer, Nedbank

In this episode, Mfundo Nkuhlu, Chief Operating Officer, Nedbank talks about leading a transformation in banking to create Nedbank 2.0. He provides insights into the digital and customer centric foundations of the ecosystem that the South African bank is building.  Mfundo also provides candid insights as a leader including “The greatest sin that one can commit as a leader is to lose your team, because when you do so you can’t lead anybody.”

Our guest panelists include Sharmla Chetty President Global Markets of Duke Corporate Education and Kathy Pearson of Enterprise Learning Solutions.

Agile Dashboard Episode 4: How Covid-19 Transformed Healthcare

Dr. Steven Evans, MD the Chief Medical Officer of MedStar Health discusses how Covid19 has transformed healthcare.  Since the beginning of the crisis MedStar has discharged over 3,000 Covid19 patients. In this episode Dr. Evans shares how MedStar’s “:systemness” approach to breaking down silos allowed it to respond quickly to the crisis. MedStar is a $5.7 billion system of 10 hospitals in the Maryland / DC area that pivoted and created a tele-health product in 7 days that has seen over 250,000 visits in 5 months.  They went from a system that averaged 2 daily visits to over 4,000 per day.  They used Agile teams to develop the product in 7 days.  They also were able to load balance the system by transforming 2400 virtual beds across the system – moving patients between hospitals.

The Agile Dashboard Episode 6: Jim Brady Chief Inspector of United Airlines

Jim Brady the Chief Inspector at United Airlines discusses what it takes to maintain a safety culture at a global airline. He explains the necessary steps to adapt safety measures in a world of Covid while working for an airline that had sales drop over 80% and saw almost 600 planes parked due to disruption.

The Agile Dashboard with Joe Perfetti – Duke Leadership Series

Joe Perfetti is interviewed on his Agile Dashboard content. The 45 minute interview covers the explanation of the core parts of the dashboard (Speed, Interaction and Pivot) and provides practical application of each.

The Agile Dashboard Episode 3: The Transformational CFO

Interview with Toby O’Brien the CFO of Raytheon Technologies. Topics include the evolving role of the CFO and how the CFO must be a better business partner. We also discuss how finance is often perceived as Dr. No.