Building Strategic Agility
Digital Transformation

A New Business Paradigm Requires an Integrated Approach to Strategic Agility

“Companies fail because they over invest in what they are good at today and under-invest in what they need to be good at tomorrow”
– Venkat Venkatraman

Digital technologies are enabling transformational results in the marketplace and driving disruptive change internally.

Course Description:

This course offers a roadmap toward building the agility needed to capture value in the market amidst this digital disruption, and the implications internally for your organization and people.

Course Faculty: Venkat N. Venkatraman

Venkat Venkatraman is the David J. McGrath Jr. Professor of Management at the Boston University Questrom School of Business.

Venkat is considered a foremost authority on digital innovation and is the author of The Digital Matrix: New Rules for Business Transformation Through Technology, designed to help leaders master digital transformation in order to win in the digital future.

Venkat’s research and teaching lie at the intersection of strategic management and information technology, with a focus on how companies position to win in the digital era. Venkat has consulted and lectured for companies around the world, including IBM, Microsoft,  BP, Novartis, Ericsson, ABN-AMRO, McKinsey & Co, FedEx and more. He was recently recognized by Thomson Financial/ISI as one of the most cited researchers in strategy and IT, with his research winning awards from The Academy of Management and Strategic Management Society.

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Each course includes:

  • A 5-6 min Content video
  • Exercises to be completed offline by participants
  • Online correction of the exercises
  • Short Assessment

Required Time : 60-80 minutes

Each course can be completed separately or in combination with any other courses from the Building Strategic Agility Series. Participants who complete the nine courses would be eligible for a Duke CE certificate*

This course is part of a nine-course series that enable individuals to build strong strategic agility skills.

The Learning Community Unique Advantages

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